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Post December 2015:

This page is made with PmWiki, running pmwiki-2.2.71, version number 2002071, with the default Pmwiki skin with some modifications. I attempted to use the MathJax package to render the Latex codes, but they are currently inactive because of compatibility issues with PHP 5.5.

Pre December 2015:

This page is made with PmWiki, with the BeeblebroxNetGila skin. The jsMath package is also added to process math formulas from Latex codes. Here are a few customizations I've done on the original PmWiki package.

  • The config.php file is changed mainly according to instructions. Instructions added to include jsMath package.
  • Many changes to the look and feel of the site by adding local.css (based on gila.css) in the pub/css directory.
  • A few changes in gila.tmpl:
    • changed default to personal favoicon
    • deleted the line @import url($SkinDirUrl/gila.css); because template seems to be calling this after the local.css file, which is strange. So gila.css is sitting there unused. (There are strange CSS behaviors when gila.css is called, such as the gray fonts for the action box on the upper left, and the brown background for the main section headers.)
    • the line <!--HTMLFooter--> is added at the end; this is to ensure codes from the jsMath package get executed.
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Page last modified on December 13, 2015, at 08:26 PM